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Alpha Omega's software team has extensive programming experience. We have programmed everything from simple microprocessors to mainframes. Real time processing is our forte in applications such as assembly line robots, security and access control, and automated process control.

We program in a variety of common languages like C, C++, Java, Python, HTML and Visual Basic, plus a few ancient languages such as Pascal, Fortran and Forth. We can also program microprocessors in assembly language if a higher level language is not available.

We have written C compilers for microprocessors. AO cooperated in the development of a C compiler for parallel processing, and we have developed parallel computing applications.

Our operating system background includes Unix, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Many microprocessor based projects have used AO proprietary kernels.

We have created software to operate on a variety of common platforms such as PCs and Macs, and numerous microprocessor families including Intel x86, PowerPC, MSP430, PIC, ARM, HC16 and derivatives.

Look through our project list to see the variety of experience that Alpha Omega can bring to your next project.

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