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Alpha Omega has created and produced more than 300 circuit board designs for our customers. These boards have ranged from single layer to many layers, postage stamp size to very large, 0.032 inch to .250 inch thick, using a variety of board materials.

Our carefully crafted layouts have generated circuit boards for high frequency RF, low noise analog, high voltage power and high density digital applications. Power supply designs have ranged from 3500VDC laser supplies to low voltage switching power sources with less than 20 microvolts ripple and noise. We have designed 24 bit analog to digital converter layouts with less than 4 bit noise levels and high frequency digital circuits with essentially unmeasurable crosstalk. We have produced some extremely dense layouts for customers who had a need for a large circuit in a small volume.

If you have an especially challenging layout requiring a very experienced designer or just a simple circuit that you would like to produce at lowest cost, let us discuss it with you.

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