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We have designed and produced a variety of enclosures for our projects. We have modified off-the-shelf products to suit the job, and when nothing suitable is available we have created custom designs. If an existing case is used we tailor our circuit boards to fit. We have worked with industrial design firms to make molded plastic cases for hand held devices. We coordinate our electronics and circuit board layouts with the features of the custom case to make the product easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.

Many of our projects have required custom programming and test fixtures, assembly jigs and other unique mechanical assemblies. We have produced numerous spring contact assemblies to probe circuit boards for automated testing. One test unit to verify operation of all parts of the circuit included test probes for power supplies and oscillators, plus detectors for the output of LEDs, a beeper and a vibrator. The unit programmed the processor and tested the circuit then generated detailed reports for each unit.

Some projects have required some pretty odd test facilities. For testing a walk-through metal detector we set up a non-metallic "railroad" with a moving cart to carry a test target. The computer controlled cart had X-Y positioning mechanisms to place the test objects at any position within the gate opening. The cart could be moved at a wide range of test speeds along the Z axis.

For our oceanographic instruments we developed a urethane casting method for providing a low cost water proof and pressure resistant container. This method was much less expensive and lighter weight than more traditional machined metal cases, and the units could operate in all but the greatest ocean depths.

We have an in-house machine shop to produce small quantities, and we work with a variety of outside machine shops and metal and plastics fabrication companies for production quantities.

Look through our project list to see the variety of experience that Alpha Omega can bring to your next project.

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