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Alpha Omega has been involved in the design of advanced electronics circuitry since 1977. Typically a customer comes to us with a product goal that states what the product should do, what environment it must work in, and a target cost. We determine what is needed and create circuit design to meet the requirements. We provide the necessary research and development to find a solution.

We have extensive experience with high resolution, high speed analog circuits. Our circuits meet the theoretical limits of resolution stated by IC manufacturers. A recent circuit had 16 differential analog inputs driving four 24-bit A/Ds. The entire circuit produced 21 useable noise-free bits of raw data and could resolve voltages in the hundreds of nanovolts. With numerical processing and averaging even better resolution was possible.

Many of our products have been low power battery operated devices. Again, our experience with these designs allows us to create devices that have long battery life. Battery operation at extreme temperature ranges is challenging. We are familiar with the different battery technologies and have designed battery operated devices that operate between -50°C and +85°C.

High speed digital and high power switching circuits can produce significant radiated noise if not properly designed. We are familiar with FCC requirements and know how to meet them. We are also familiar with the requirements for reliable high frequency RF circuits. We have design experience with all of the popular processor families.

We have designed a variety of power supplies, from low voltage battery supplies to +3500 VDC laser power supplies. We designed a battery backup ATX supply for small PC boards, and a variety of AC to DC and DC to DC converters.

Look through our project list to see the variety of experience that Alpha Omega can bring to your next project.

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